He was a man in love with the world, until one day he met a beautiful girl. His eyes sparkled like they never had before, and he had seen every dazling sunrise there ever was, yet she was the first sight that could make those eyes glisten. Then she smiled, and you could write books about that smile. That kind of smile, would outshine any star in any galaxy. It was only a matter of time before he wasn’t just a man in love with the world, but he was the man in love with a beautiful girl.

Flowers smelled sweeter, and water tasted cleaner, he saw deeper and smiled more. She was the golden halo around his head, and when she smiled… smitten doesn’t even cover half of it. So he began to write her poetry, he poured out his heart and soul into every word. He wrote for her, as she slept curled up soaking in the moonlight. He would recite it to her and she would laugh, that sing song laugh that could tickle even the wildest fire.

In many ways she tamed him, and slowly he became aware of just how beautiful the world truly could be. He fell in love with her, not slowly but all at once because he knew the world but she was the first person to ever really show him it.


A Touch of Bliss.

Timid lips met one another as if their infancy were anything but pure. I assure you however that the pureness was that of the freshest white and felt as pure as the softest silk. Honey sweetened passion mixed with the icy cold of loneliness that hung gently over my lips as they parted from your own. A duet which has stopped their song or a waltz which as stopped their dance.


Sleeping Serenade

What sweet perfection brought you to me. 

The faceless God that blessed my day those long months ago. 

The sick humor that stains my life and hangs over me like a cloud. 

Sun rays have always shone through the grey but they always seem to falter in this little nook of the world. 

My desolate paradise with just me and my delicate balance of sleeping pills and optimistic perseverance. 


Breath of Fall.

A soft pink petal falls slowly to the ground.

My shaking fingers pluck it from the grass and gently caress it as if it once drew breath.

The wind sings a final gusty note of a song that has long played for the world.

Eyes scan the scene that was once a brilliant and fiery red sunset over the plains of the heart.

However the dull stain of milky blue washes over the land.

Once soft pink petals now ashen in appearance and abrasive in texture, fall now like waves of dead snow.

And as twilight settles again on this heart, so too does the land grow dark.



The thing about having a heart

 is it can hold such love and such joy

But it also holds such pain

i don’t blame you

How in the hell could I

but I very nearly loved you

And now I’m sitting here awake wondering if it is too early/late for a cigarette run. For the only kiss that seems to land these forlorn lips, menthol always take away the sting of life. 

no I don’t blame you and how the hell could i

So I will fill my time with books, and build the walls that keep this heart safe because it is a dangerous world.

a dangerous world indeed


1:10 A.M.

Part of my problem is that I have trouble opening up about what bothers me, but that stems from the fact that a lot of it is NOT a big deal. Like, I honestly and truly want attention. The feeling that i’m on your mind throughout the day, sadly I feel the need to be told this..Not all the time but you know, just the validation that YES. I still can’t get you out of my mind. I am very cat like in that sense, when I want to be pet (I want you to pet me) but if not then I am more than happy and content with just being curled up somewhere sleeping. It is one of my flaws, I have this ego which sadly needs to be fed occasionally. I partially blame that on the fact I am very extroverted, so I seem to have that need to feel wanted. I know it really isn’t anything serious, but I deal with it and like everyone else I have my good days and my bad days.