Moody Blues.


In the words of Moody, “Just because two people of the opposite sex meet after 7 p.m. does not make it a date”.

Being  young and still in my teens, the trend of dating and mindless texting. We live our lives over computer screens and the hipocracy of it all is that I am typing this on my phone. Maybe we stick to being glued to computer screens and having these depth-less encounters we call “dates”, because being young and being in love is rebarbative.

We grow up watching these movies with happily ever afters and Prince Charmings the Cinderella and wicked step-sisters. The truth we later learned is much more bleak, a lot of real love falls short in the long game. Then we find out the ever more popular theory that seems to resonate throughout my entire present life. Every date will lead to one of two outcomes,
1.) Marriage (forever)
2.) Break up/Divorce (limited)

So it is no wonder that I find I can not commit to anything more than a single date. Everything is either forever or it will end, and that is pretty damned scary. No wonder we stick our faces behind screens, they are our shields against the infinite reality that plagues us all.


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