This right here is Amelia, the new Princess of my castle. From nothing, something beautiful comes.

I sit behind the desk of my own self importance and have this near erotic case of narcissistic personality disorder. I am so sorry for myself that it is basically impossible to be a good person.

So I actually put almost all my effort into being that good person, to just sastify myself. I love it and hate it all at the same time, but fuck it I am pretty damn awesome.

So as I welcome Amelia into my home and arms, I am glad to have the release and love of someone.


Gold Fields.

I am walking in this golden field. Gently running my hands over tired wheat, their heads drooped low in the hot sun. The smell of wild flowers fills my nose, the wind softly licks my face passing the warm fall air through my very bones.

Listen carefully . . . oh so quietly.

There! Far off in the distance the call of gulls echos calmly to my patient ears. Perhaps hours roll quickly by but yet I am still walking. Over hills and under trees, watching as great oaks turn to broad pines. The smell of fresh sap slowly turns to a dense sea breeze.

Soon enough I’m standing on a cliff’s edge facing the ocean. Below me the waves crash and break on the jagged rocks. Crystal blue water glistens in constantly refilling pools, while white clouds float lazily by over head. For short periods they shade the Sun from my eyes and allows me to see for the first time. . .

The world around me.

© – P.M. 9-17-15