Today was the firstĀ REAL Summer day that I can remember, since like my childhood. The feeling that something had ended and something new and refreshing was waiting just down the road. As my friends and I packed up my Mom’s minivan and prepared for our day at the park, it was just so nice to stand back and breath in the warm air with the sweet scent of mown lawns jumbled together with flowers and sunscreen.

We laughed, my God did we laugh. About this and then about that! We ran and walked, jumped and laid down in the shade of oak trees while the hot sun beat down all around us. We were protected however, from anything that could hurt us. Deep within our flanneled bunkers with bees over head and ants underfoot.

Then to tie together a perfect day, we built that bonfire high and watched the smoke dance between the stars.

I love you guys and thank you for a glimpse back into my childhood.